GetTaxi App – Review

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Have you heard about this new GetTaxi app yet?

It’s a free app enabling you to call—shouldn’t say call, more like order—a Cab to your location or a location where you will be.

Using your phone’s location service it will suggest addresses or landmarks as you pickup location. Once you’ve chosen a location for pickup the app gives you a very accurate pick up time and show the locations of you incoming cab on the mini map.

Get Taxi also displays the name and photo of your driver in addition to the cab registration number, so no there should be little problems in identifying your Cab. The driver can see customer name and picture as well (if added to your profile) and during the whole process of awaiting the cab you can see in real time the progress on the map.

For me, who hates talking on the phone and explaining where to pick me up from, this app is just perfect (!) One time you can as well enter destination address (“details” section) so you won’t have to do any explaining inside the taxi, just enjoy the ride.

It is very convenient especially when you don’t really know exact address of the place you are in, great for tourist visiting London, too. I tested it several times to be picked up from the pub in the middle of London and every time “locate” was working perfectly giving me name of the place as one of the first options. It works also on the street as long as you have some recognizable building near by. Useful when you have hands full of shopping bags.

When ordering you can choose to pay by Card or Cash, this include coupon credit you can add to your phone. If you paying by card you will be prompted to enter you card details and at the end of the ride you will get pop-up window on your phone asking to accept the transaction, that’s it.

What I like is that you can rate your driver when you have reached your destination already, collect taxi miles or earn points by inviting friends. Besides that I was very impressed with their Twitter customer service when I got reply to my question within seconds.

The GetTaxi app is available in UK for Android, Blackberry and iPhone.

The downsides are that the service does not cover all London I tried pre ordering a Taxi from Archway and was informed that the service is not available in that area.

For info on all available locations and platforms visit their website.

I would also expect that if you enter pick up and destination addresses you should be able to get, at least approximate price in advance, before you order, just in case you don’t have enough money on you.

But still I love this app and I would recommend to anyone living in or visiting London or any other city where GetTaxi service is available.

With thanks to Rebecca & GetTaxi UK for complementary taxi credit for the purpose of this review.

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