Taxi Driver & Other BPG Movie Projects

This is the first of the images I have submitted to Brighton Photographer Group movie challenge.

Taxi Driver movie Robert De Niro Martin Scorsese Lego yellow cab NY taxi
Taxi Driver

Lego yellow cab in the “Taxi Driver” movie scene…

Lego Taxi Driver Movie Robert De Niro yellow cab NY
Taxi Driver

My daughter insisted on retaking this as we have finally found Lego gun…

The Breakfast Club movie princess basket case athlete brain criminal
The Breakfast Club

Allison, The Basket Case.

shark image taken in Brighton Sea Life Centre

Taken from the tunnel under the aquarium at SeaLife Centre, Brighton.

vandalized red phone booth
This is England

Vandalized phone booth…

vandalised red phone booth
This is England

Vandalized phone booth – close-up.

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