52 Week Photography Project – Part 1/4

Just a short post to let you know that I’m taking part in 52 Week Photography Project organized by Brighton based portrait photographer Dade Freeman. The project has just started so there are still 2 days to join in before the first week is over.

I will be uploading here images weekly for the next 52 weeks or less if I don’t manage to complete the challenge, wish me luck (!)

Week 1 – Self Portrait

Despite the green glare on the glasses and a bit out of focus face, I’m quite happy with the final effect, especially that it took me less than 20 minutes to produce this photo. The hardest part for me was to actually sit down in front of the camera which I don’t feel comfortable with and therefore I hardly ever take photos of myself…

what are leading lines in photography
Week 2 – Leading Lines – Misty Morning

Taken few minutes after 9 am on the Brighton’s seafront, heading towards Marina.

photo of raw coffee beans on the top of coffee jute bag
Week 3 – Texture – Coffee Love

Raw coffee beans on the top of jute coffee bag…

reflections in a puddle photography challange
Week 4 – Reflections – Puddle

Puddle on East St, Brighton, UK.

52 week photography challenge subject water
Week 5 – Water – Purple Echeveria

Single water drop on the top of Purple Echeveria’s waxy leaf.

silhouette of a girl riding a dolphin
Week 6 – Silhouette – Dolphin Girl

Taken in Brighton’s Lanes, it’s a fountain with a statue of boy & girl riding dolphins.

yellow digger on Brighton beach near The Old Pier
Week 7 – Low Angle – Yellow Digger

Just a little digger on Brighton (Hove actually) seafront…

numbers photography challenge and wooden buttons sewing thread old scissors
Week 8 – Numbers – Wooden Buttons

My mum’s old scissors, old UNICEF stationery box as background and my granny’s old spool brought from Poland.

photogaphy challenge above high angle image London panorama from above
Week 9 – Above – London City

Taken from Shard’s Shangri-La Hotel, through the window.

shadows in photography gulls seagulls shadows on the building wall
Week 10 – Shadows – Gulls

It took me more than couple of minutes of wait for the gulls to appear but it was worth it… I think.

Caribbean blue and yellow door Brighton Middle Street California Bowl cafe
Week 11 – Colour – Caribbean Blue

Taken in Brighton not in the Caribbean but every time I pass this place it reminds me of the time I spent working on the ships.

symmetry in photography black & white staircase stairs
Week 12 – Symmetry – Escalators

Photo taken in Churchill Square shopping centre in Bright in early morning hours.

smoke photography how to photograph smoke
Week 13 – Smoke – Blue Puff

The last image in this post and the most challenging so far, quarter of the 52 week challenge is done…

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