52 Week Photography Project – Part 2/4

This is part two of the  52 Week Photography Project organized by Brighton based portrait photographer Dade Freeman. First set of images from weeks 1 – 13 can be found here.

nostalgic photo of my father's belongings and old photographs
Week 14 – Nostalgic – Remembering My Father (& Grandfather)

Pictured things belonged to him: silver baby cutlery set, stopwatch and couple of photographs… he would be 79 today. My grandfather was executed by communist government on the same date decades earlier…

street photography couple in the cafe gossip over coffee lifestyle shot
Week 15 – Street Photo – Gossip Over Coffee

I find photographing strangers on the street very hard… spent two days taking photos and finally went for one of the first shots.

body parts photography eye photography old eyes tired eyes
Week 16 – Body Part – Tired Eye

My mother’s eye…

black & white photography b&w photos black and white sepia
Week 17 – Black & White – Couple with Gulls

It would also work as example of reflections or silhouette…

hoya carnosa flower close up macro photography
Week 18 – Macro – Hoya Carnosa
hoya carnosa hoya plant flower blossom
Week 18 – Macro – Hoya Plant Flower

Hoyas are one of my favourite plants, used to have them in our Warsaw flat ever since I was big enough to remember.  More about Hoya carnosa and other wax plants here.

froglet baby frog macro shot
Week 18 – Macro – Froglet
motion in photography capturing motion
Week 19 – Motion – Cartwheel
natural light in photography
Week 20 – Natural Light – Midday Sun
childhood in photography retro sweets traditional lollipop millions
Week 21 – Childhood – Retro Sweets
panning in photography
Week 22 – Panning – The Cat in Pink Hat
photographing food red apple food in photography
Week 23 – Food – Red Apple
photogrphing letters window sigh in the rain
Week 24 – Letters – Café Weather

… or bar weather as we say in Polish

repetition in photography
Week 25 – Repetition – Indian Flowers

Detail from my favourite wooden tray…

man made things in photography Caribbean dollar coin
Week 26 – Man-Made – Currency

Caribbean Dollar coin

Half of the project is done… wish me luck for the other, more challenging themes to come (!)

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