Pin It Forward UK – How Pinteresting!

I know we’ve been a bit “horizontal” around here, but today I’m super excited to tell you about Pinterest. As they’ve only just officially launched in the UK you may not have heard about them yet (If you have…great!) So Pinterest is a great way of curating things from around the web. It allows you […]

Google Map with Multiple Markers

In this tutorial we are going to create a google map with multiple markers. Take a look at the demo and we will dive straight in. Note that this is using V3 of Googlmaps javascript api. Demo Map   The first thing we need to do is include the googlemap api in your web page. […]

PressReader App Review

Finding a paper of your choice is a breeze, papers are listed by country, language, your own favourites or you could search by name. once you’ve found the paper you want you could download a single edition or set PressReader to download the latest paper once available.

Google Image Search

Google image search can be used to find source of the images found accidentally on the net: wrongly linked images on Pinterest or Tumblr for instance.