Top 5 Web Annoyances

If you spend any amount of time browsing the web, then you will from time to time come across a few things that are plain irritating. Having had one too many of those annoying pop ups recently, I thought I’d share my pet peeves here.

Those stupid Flash ads that expand over content.

It’s not enough for some ads to be flashy and irritating but just as you start reading the article they have to expand and cover what you were reading.

What do those people think? The only way I’d click you ad is accidentally, maybe that’s the point. Getting in my way is not the best way to endear me to your product.

What’s even worse are those with no immediately discernible close button aarrgh! In that case I close the window and vow never to return to that site again.


I hate snapshots, whoever came up with that idea should be shot. You see the link, you make the effort to move your mouse over it and… it’s not a link. What irritates me even more is when I use the middle button to scroll the pointer will inadvertently move over one of these dastardly things.

Why oh why use snap? It sucks resources, increases page loading time and has all that advertising that your visitors don’t really want.

Speaking of useless unnecessary ads

What’s with those disgusting teeth whitening ads.

You know the one, yes that one with the mouth full of nasty rotten teeth. The funny thing is that I mostly see that particular ad when visiting Food blogs. Not what I want to see next to pictures of food.

At the very least make sure the ads are relevant to your site’s niche.

Comment systems.

Why do comments have to open a new window?

Why do I have to sign in with a twitter, facebook, openID, Disquss account? Suppose I don’t have or want one.

Why is the Last comment first?

I understand the need for pagination, but every 10 comments? Seriously what are you trying to pull?

Having have to scroll back up to the top of the post to leave a comment.

You are kind enough to put the full posts on your front page, and I really appreciate that. However after reading your well written article don’t let me scroll all the way back to the top to leave a comment. A link to the comments at the bottom of the post would be lovely.

Have more?

I know I’ve missed out some —share yours.

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