Some of Our Favourite Colour Palettes

Choosing the right colour palette for your project can be time consuming. This is why we like to save colour themes, used on websites and other assignments we were working on, for future reference.

grey orange green blue colour theme
colour palette used on this blog
retro cream red brown color palette
retro cream, red and brown colour theme
tomato cucumber salad color palette
fresh salad colour theme
summer colour theme honey and fields
summer colour palette
green deep orange grey theme
green, grey and deep orange colour theme for Bèlbagay website
pink brown colour theme
web colour palette with pink, brown and turquoise
aged poster color theme
black, red and blue old poster colour theme
floral colour theme pinks reds navy blue
floral colour palette
frozen fruity colour palette
autumn colour palette
aquamarine olive colour theme
aquamarine & olive colour palette for food blog
rasta color theme online shop
red, yellow and green colour theme for online shop
purple baby blue colour palette
baby blue & purple colour palette for micro site
folk colour theme pink yellow green
pink, yellow and green folk colour palette
retro colour theme red grey navy
red, grey & navy retro colour palette
four season colour theme
four seasons colour palette for
deep pink aqua marine grey blue colour theme
pink & aqua colour palette
retro theme green yellow and blue
web colour palette in retro green, yellow and blue
bedroom lamp color palette
colour palette for bedroom lamp project
football blog web colour palette
colour theme for football blog
retro colour theme red grey beige blue
retro colour palette with red & beige
yellow and blue colour theme
web colour palette with yellow and blue

This post will be updated with new colours so feel free to bookmark it for future reference.

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